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  • Pipeline generation is slow or inconsistent
  • Closing deals is challenging
  • Inability to prove sales repeatability
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Customer stories

The ScaleupXQ team is highly professional and their ability to learn complex industries and products is noteworthy. They have turned Maindeck into a salesforce, and collaborating with them has contributed directly to a successful funding round.

Sasan Mameghani CEO, Maindeck

Katapult VC has had a solid and powerful partnership with ScaleupXQ over the years. ScaleupXQ has worked with startups going through the Katapult accelerator, providing them with hands-on guidance on how to scale sales and achieve commercial growth.

Nina Heir CEO, Katapult Accelerator

Working with ScaleupXQ has been crucial for Monetor – from defining, testing, and tracking metrics, to experimenting with which customer segments are ready to buy our product. Our pipeline has seen huge improvements as a result.

Kevin Graeter CEO, Monetor

ScaleupXQ has provided our portfolio companies with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to create a structured approach to scaling sales. I’m highly impressed by their ability to make their content relevant for all companies, regardless of industry and size.

Lene Haaland Senior Manager, Antler

We would not have had the capacity to structure outbound efforts at this level alone. The result of working with ScaleupXQ is a heightened awareness of KVS Technologies in the market, and open lines of communication with many potential customers.

Cato Vevatne CEO, KVS Technologies

The sales rig that was built for us has significantly increased our pipeline growth. We’ve also been able to cover a large part of the market quickly, which has given us a level of interest that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on our own.

Jon Loken CEO, Chord X

ScaleupXQ was recommended to us by someone we trust and we’re very satisfied with the results that have been delivered. The ScaleupXQ team is a professional service partner we intend to retain – reliable, dedicated, supportive.

Michael Gunne SparesCNX

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