Scaling Sales in the Go-To-Market Stage: Product and Market Positioning

Developing a long-term sales strategy founded on strong product positioning and equipped for scalability will allow you to go to market with the right sales playbook. This will, in turn, allow you to accelerate your pipeline growth, verify your hypothetical ideal customer faster and establish the foundation of a repeatable sales engine.

But scaling sales is not just hiring and training a team. It also involves identifying the resources a team will need to effectively generate new business and nurture the right leads and win business. 

This ebook examines how to:

  • Optimize your product’s market position for sales
  • Map your product’s commercial journey to shape your sales narrative
  • Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) segments and decision-makers
  • Identify compelling value propositions
  • Create objective prospecting criteria

When you unlock the power of systematic sales enablement in your go-to-market motions, you position your company for accelerated growth and success. 

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