Why us?

Great products deserve a great sales organisation. We transfer our commercial know-how to you by establishing your very own sales organisation in parallel with securing more sales. 

Your concept or product is fantastic and you have…

  • Secured funds for going to market
  • A goal to grow outside your current market
  • Ambitions to establish your own sales organisation
  • No time to waste

You need to establish predictable sales, but…

  • Sales efforts are sporadic
  • You have too few hands on deck
  • Pipeline generation is slow 
  • Closing deals is challenging

Our Approach

We share our highly efficient go-to-market sales team to support rapid pipeline growth, focused sales efforts and streamlined sales processes while breaking down the go-to-market stage into three specific intervals.


Find all the potential customers that want your product or services as it is today. 

  • Grow your pipeline
  • Outline your ICP
  • Establish a LeadGen process
  • Harvest sales data


Maximize your sales efforts by turning leads into business and use your sales data to improve sales efficiency.

  • Develop opportunities
  • Refine your ICP
  • Prove the sales process
  • Discover potential gains


Predictability is the result of repeatable sales efforts. Continuously close business and be in charge of your sales engine.

  • Close more deals
  • Nail your ICP
  • Streamline your sales engine
  • Make fully data-driven decisions

How we deliver

Situation-based sales excellence

Our go-to-market know-how and experienced team enable us to share the appropriate sales excellence in just the right time and in the right interval with our customers.

A fractal ScaleupXQ team is available when you need it and where you need it the most.

Are you ready?

Get to know us

When you need more…

Go-To-Market Readiness

Building a commercial narrative in order to take the first commercial steps and secure go-to-market funding.

Commercial Due Diligence

We perform commercial due diligence for investors and shareholders utilizing our extensive experience with early-stage metrics.

B2B Marketing

We develop marketing playbooks focused on the go-to-market stage and execute it while working hand in hand with sales.

Customer Success

A proactive approach to reduce churn, improve retention and grow revenue from existing accounts.

Are you ready for sustainable revenue?

Our battletested team is ready to share our commercial know-how in the go-to-market phase and accelerate your business for scale.